Spanish People Reproduce Like Cockroaches

Go figure the famous Spanish folk song would be called La Cuckaracha. WTF with 12 and 13 year olds having babies. A lot of Spanish people are already grandparents by the time they hit their 30s. Fuck. By the time they are 40, they’re great-grandparents. It’s like black people move over, the la cuckarachas have […]

What Mothers Are Not

To go along with my recent article “Being A Mother Is A Career”, I wanted to elaborate on what being a mother entails. Despite the large number of mothers in society along with the perspective that a female’s mere purpose in life is just to reproduce, the career of being a mother is not respected. […]

Being A Mother Is A Career

Young ladies, after you’ve done some serious introspection, and being a mother is what you really want to be, then being a mother will be your career. Embrace it. In the world we live in, choosing motherhood as your career will make you dependent on a good man to be the father who wants to […]

Genderqueer is like WTF

Recently I went to the doctor’s office and I had 7 choices of gender to choose from on the intake form. What happened to the good ol days when there were only two choices? Now there are 7 choices because we have to dance around people’s feelings because we can’t offend the mentally deranged man […]