George Floyd and Derek Chauvin Deserved Each Other

George Floyd was a bum ass criminal, a nuisance to society. Floyd had a long criminal history including violent home invasion and robbery. The world is better off without him. Good riddance. His family earned $14 million of donations on GoFundMe from his death. His brother unabashedly stated that he’d be keeping the funds for […]

Feminism Is A Lie That Keeps Women Poor

Modern feminism is a corporate ploy to lower wages by flooding the workforce with an overload of people. Getting women into the workforce gives corporations access to more people to where people become disposable, dehumanized, and unvalued as a laborer. People are worked harder, paid less, and given less benefits. All their time is spent […]

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

That’s what a smart girl said to me once when we were talking about unshapely people who wore revealing clothing. It’s a free country, yes you can wear whatever you want. But why wear clothes that make you a laughingstock? These days there has been a lot of emphasis on body positivity and not shaming […]

Floppy Eared Rabbits As Pets Are Retarded

I hate when people have rabbits as pets. I hate it even more when they refer to their rabbits as bunnies. Who the fuck says bunnies anyway? An attention starved lonely little 6 year old girl who dreams of the easter bunny, that’s who. If you’re not a 6 year old loner with no friends […]