Specific Reasons Why People Don’t Like Jews: (And no, it’s not because people are randomly racist).

Living in a town surrounded by Jews is enough to drive a person insane. The Jewish mindset and way of life is a very toxic and pernicious one. Since the day they are born, they are taught that the world revolves around them and that no one and nothing else matters as long as they get their way and get all the money they want. They constantly play the victim, whine about Hitler (get over it, already) and bitch about anti-semitism without ever giving two seconds worth of thought to why people around the globe hate their guts.

99% of Jewish people are rude self-centered money grubbing thieves. Every so often, you’ll come across that 1% that is genuinely hardworking and considerate of those around them, but that’s about as rare as seeing a dinosaur doing a dance wearing a tutu. Those few definitely do exist, but by and large that is not the norm. Now let’s review the explicit reasons that people severely dislike Jews or even downright hate them.

Jews are money grubbing bastards. They live, breathe, eat, and pray money. The entire essence of their being is consumed by the thought of money money money money money money. They never stop to smell the roses or think of anything besides money and associated trappings of wealth and status. They have no bounds on what they will not do when it comes to grabbing more money. The concepts of peace, tranquility, honor, ethics, and morals are completely lost on them. They have no soul. They exist on planet earth solely to bilk others out of money.

Jews do not understand the concept of an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. They are cunning and predatory hawks constantly swirling around and seeking out opportunities to swoop up what does not rightfully belong to them. They’ll wait until others do all the heavy lifting and then insert themselves as the middleman and then help themselves to the fruits of others’ labor.

You will never find a Jew in any type of job requiring any type of manual labor or any line of work that is traditionally male-oriented. Jewish men are fags through and through. They are unmanly as fuck. You will never find a Jew working in construction, in a factory, in a warehouse, delivering goods, tending to agricultural fields, firefighting, nor anything else that requires them to actually perform real work that doesn’t consist of running their pansy gay mouth and being a complete useless whiny bitch.

You won’t find Jews in any honorable and respectable jobs, but instead you will find them doing things like brokering real estate and other merchandising deals as a middleman and collecting money from both sides, running hedge fund and investment scams, and working as lawyers who file fraudulent lawsuits for gain. Jews love the financial, real estate, and legal sectors that are clustered around major metropolitan areas. Those fields allow them to situate themselves squarely in the middle of transactions, never get their hands dirty, and let everyone else do the hard work as they sit back and eventually rake in all the cash.

Not only are Jewish men total fags when it comes to work, it’s the same way for everything else. Normal men know how to fix basic shit. Sure, some men are much more skilled at fixing stuff than others, but the majority of normal men know how to at least fix minor things. Jewish men would rather die than get their hands dirty fixing something themselves, so either they pay someone else who they perceive to be a lower life form to do the handiwork for them or they throw stuff out altogether and buy brand new things. Either way, they’ve stolen enough money from others to somehow be able to pay others or pay for brand new things that prevent them from having to lift a finger themselves. They are wasteful, arrogant, and lazy as fuck.

Jewish men will also never do any yard work or pick up any debris. If they see something on their driveway or lawn, they’ll never bend down to pick it up but will instead wait an entire week for the landscapers to show up and pick it up for them. Jewish men also do not know how to operate a lawnmower and have never picked up a rake, a shovel, or a broom in their lives.

It’s also very common to see grown 50 something year old Jewish men engage in screaming matches and hissy fits with random teenage girls. Jewish men will shriek and squeal and shout and argue in their nasal voices with a female who is one third their age and feel good about themselves for doing so. Jewish men will trample over women and children on public transportation so they can get a seat first. Even ordinary women don’t act as peevish and bitchy as Jewish men.

As for Jewish women, they are shallow, vain, and materialistic. It is impossible to have a conversation with them that doesn’t involve them namedropping or bragging about how great and rich they are. Their lives revolve around spending all the money their husbands have illicitly grabbed from others. They mostly shop and spend money all day. They do no housework whatsoever- that’s what the maid is for. If they have children, the nanny does all the grunt work.

When Jewish women get angry at their husbands, they show their husbands who is boss by going to Bloomingdales or Neiman Marcus and running up several thousand dollars on their credit cards. Their husbands don’t really mind because they can always go steal some more money from others, so no problem there. It’s a win-win situation for a Jewish couple.

As for the Jews’ constant bitching about anti-semitism, it’s laughable. They are the most insular, ethnocentric, and bigoted people ever. If you’re not a fellow Jew who is member of the same synagogue or if your kids don’t go to hebrew school with their kids, you’re a total outcast in their eyes. They only mingle with other Jews and refuse to broaden their horizons by associating with anyone outside their little Jew social circle. If you’re not a Jew and a Jew happens to want to include you in anything, you can be guaranteed it’s only because they want to pick your pocket.

When Jewish boys and girls turn 13, parents throw them big parties called bar and bat mitzvahs. It’s like a Sweet Sixteen on steroids with the sole intent of collecting money. If you get invited to a bar mitzvah, it is expected that you give a big cash gift. Giving a non-cash gift or too small of a cash gift is unacceptable and will further turn you into a pariah in the twisted Jew world. Bar mitzvahs are yet another way to line Jewish pockets. What should be a nice fun birthday party for a child gets turned into a money making endeavor.

Jews are deathly afraid of blacks. If you ever want to scare a Jew, send black people their way. Jews have been known to pay blacks off to prevent being beat up or to induce blacks not to riot in front of their homes or businesses. Jews are immensely racist against blacks yet totally play them by giving them token handouts to keep blacks quiet and oppressed as they continue to take full advantage of blacks and every other non-Jew race.

Jews have no manners, courtesy or morals. They think they can do whatever they want whenever they want and get away with it. They are the most entitled acting people on the planet. They are dishonest in the most dishonest way. And this precisely is why most people hate their guts.

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