Floppy Eared Rabbits As Pets Are Retarded

I hate when people have rabbits as pets. I hate it even more when they refer to their rabbits as bunnies. Who the fuck says bunnies anyway? An attention starved lonely little 6 year old girl who dreams of the easter bunny, that’s who. If you’re not a 6 year old loner with no friends and you say the word bunny, you need a face beating.

Floppy eared rabbits (like the Holland Lop) are the worst. At least the ones with upright ears are found in the meadows and forest rather than in someone’s living room.

Why would anyone want a large saggy eared ugly smelly moth faced nose twitching bovine monster bouncing around on its deformed hind legs and fat ass shitting out pellets every 30 seconds in their home? What kind of self-destructive self-loathing person are you to need and want that? And why do you think everyone on social media wants to see this? We already know you are judgment impaired and now we gotta see pics of your fugly creature too?

As much as I hate snakes, all useless floppy eared “bunnies” should be fed to snakes for dinner.

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