If You’re On WIC Or Other Forms Of Welfare, No, You Cannot Afford A House

In the past few years, I’ve come across various stupid women who cannot afford to feed their kids and are using the WIC (women infants children) program and other governmental handouts. They don’t feel any shame and they think it’s their god given right to receive charity even though they reproduced when they could barely even feed themselves to begin with. These same women also talk about the house that are planning to buy. Usually they pick out some house that costs $500K to $700K that they plan (in their deranged minds) on buying citing that it’s cheaper than paying $1,000/month rent (which usually their baby daddy is barely paying).

Hey stupid bitch- you can’t even buy your offspring a quart of milk or a loaf of bread without public assistance and you bounced the last check drawn your bank account. What lending institution is going to extend you a penny on a mortgage?

Most of these WIC women have no idea how financing works. They don’t even know what a downpayment is. One ignorant woman said to me in her Spanish accent, “I gonna get a down.” To which I replied, “What are you talking about”. She then replied, “I gonna get a down for rent.” This idiot didn’t understand that a downpayment is not rent and the two concepts are unrelated. When I tried to explain stuff to her, she then said she was “gonna get a down from the bank.” Moron didn’t comprehend that downpayments are not given out by a bank and she also didn’t even know what a mortgage was. Most (read 99.99%) of women on WIC are so retarded and should never have reproduced.

Even people who make regular 6 figure salaries who pay half the purchase price of a home up front get the runaround from the bank before finally getting an approval. So a dumb woman who can’t afford a bag of chips from the grocery store is miraculously going to get funding for a pricey home? I suppose those delusions will become reality as soon as I get drafted by the NFL, become a movie star or the next Britney Spears.

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