Indiscriminate Reproduction Can Ruin Your Life Or Even Get Someone Murdered

Why do wives and children sometimes end up murdered? Because of the contentious issue of child support. If a man feels trapped into having a kid he didn’t want or even if he did want the kid but then later ends up having to pay an astronomical amount of child support to his ex partner who milks him for all he’s worth, it’s not a far stretch to imagine a dude losing his cool and trying to eliminate the source of his misery even through violence. Desperate people do desperate things. That’s not a new concept.

Not condoning murder, but how mad would you be it if you ended up having to live in a rundown shack with barely anything left over for yourself after buying food because a former partner has taken you to the cleaners. How could you not feel like strangling someone especially if your former partner is out gallivanting with other dicks while claiming you were abusive even if you likely were not.

Why is it that so many single mothers claim that their child’s father was abusive? If that was the case, was he not abusive before he knocked you up? Why did you reproduce with an abusive man? Did he put a gun to your head and make you have a baby? Did he suddenly turn into an abuser the minute you shit out your kid? And what about financial abuse? After you showed him the door so you could cavort with other penises and you claimed an exorbitant amount of child support from him, are you not a financial abuser of him?

Child support isn’t for the purpose of sucking a man dry and leaving him in impoverished conditions unable to make any progress in his life while you go try to hook another man with your phony damsel in distress act. Child support is really supposed to be a reasonable amount of court prescribed payments so that fathers don’t just entirely skip out and leave a woman to shoulder the whole burden or paying for and caring for a child alone. But it’s not supposed to be an excessive amount allowing a woman to live high on the hog and seek the next series of suckers who will fall into her financial trap.

The reason why some custody battles wager on for years is because the average father knows that once he no longer has custody of his kids, he’s destined to be just another broke fool whose hands will be completely tied for years. If mothers would be more reasonable and accept a fair amount rather than run a man into the ground for child support, it would save on legal fees, unclog the court system, and lessen the chance of the homicide squad investigating a murder. Better yet, stop fucking having kids. The indiscriminate need to reproduce is really the root of all evil.

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