If You Get Defensive About Your Tattoos and Piercings Or Explain Them In Advance When No One Even Asked, You’re A Pathetic Loser

It’s a free country. You can tattoo Jesus or Betty Boop all over every square inch of your face and body if you want to. Go ahead and get a 6 inch wide crack made in your skull to hang a curtain rod if you want to. No one cares and no one is gonna stop you. Trust me. People are selfish. Nobody cares about you except you.

I’ve come across several people who have a bunch of tattoos and/or piercings who get hypersensitive and ultra defensive about them when no one even fucking asked or commented about them. What’s up with that? If you wig out on people about your body modifications out of nowhere, clearly you are insecure about yourself, probably realize that the 3 tattoos you got of your ex boyfriend’s penis on your forearm and each of your thighs was probably not the best decision and you feel the need to go on the offense and yell people down about it before they ever think of commenting. If you feel the need to explain or rationalize your tattoos, then you shouldn’t have gotten them.

And if you think that having tattoos automatically gives you tough guy status, you’re an idiot as well. Recently I was talking to a lawyer who was wearing a full suit and he busted out with, “I’m not your typical attorney. I have tattoos. You can’t see them right now, but I’m not your average attorney.”

Muthafucka, what? This pansy girlyman faggity piece of shit felt the need to announce that he had tattoos to try to convey that he was a tough guy. He thought that verbally stating the fact that he had tattoos which were not visible under his bad three piece suit would make us think he was a gangsta force to be reckoned with. He kept talking about his tattoos as if they made him cool and attractive. The whole time I just heard blah blah blah and kept thinking what an ugly desperate pathetic gayass he was.

If you proactively explain, rationalize, get angry, or throw hissy fits about your tattoos and piercings, you should visit a plastic surgeon to get them removed and patched up because you are obviously not mentally equipped to handle body mods or deal with the backlash created in your own retarded mind.

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