The Types of Drivers That Need To Get Their Face Rearranged


Excessive speeders

The ones who play frogger with pedestrians and try to mow them down

Those who abruptly speed up and go out of their way to not let you merge even though you politely signaled well in advance and you had ample room. This type would rather hit a guardrail and drive up on a curb and grassy median to block you than ever let you go in front of them.

The ones who won’t let you merge but then when they need to merge, they cut you off so bad to the point of almost crashing into you

Anyone who drives a Dodge Ram (aka low life trash mobile)

People who smoke weed and cigarettes with their window down flicking ashes and leave a trail of stench for everyone behind them. If they enjoy that stuff so much, why not keep their windows up and inhale all it in a sealed off cabin.

Those who litter as they are driving

Anyone who drives a car that emits noxious fumes and exhaust that obviously did not pass state inspection.

Loud souped up engines that make people deaf

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