What Mothers Are Not

To go along with my recent article “Being A Mother Is A Career”, I wanted to elaborate on what being a mother entails. Despite the large number of mothers in society along with the perspective that a female’s mere purpose in life is just to reproduce, the career of being a mother is not respected. It is shamed. The female energy is shamed. Female energy is looked at as weak. For example: you throw like a girl, you run like a girl, you do this and that like a girl. These are all insults. The only way a woman gets respect nowadays is to have a masculine energy and suppress their feminine energy. With that said, this is what mothers and all women for that matter are not:

Mothers are not servants. It is not a woman’s job to wait on anybody hand and foot, including men and children. It is not your job to drop everything you’re doing because somebody needs your help. Continually doing this is a recipe for letting others walk all over you. They need to respect you. Your time has value and worth and is not their’s whenever they want it.

Mothers are not maids. It is not a woman’s job to cook, clean, and pick up after everybody. As a mother, you are a teacher. Teach your children how to cook, clean, pick up after themselves, and care for themselves. I’m not saying a mother should never cook or clean, what I’m saying is this should not be expected of women 24/7. Everyone living in the household is responsible for picking up after themselves and pitching in with the cooking and cleaning.

Mothers do not take their children to day care while they go to work. This is not being a mother. Day care is raising your children, not you. If you want to be a mother, then be a mother full time.

What are mothers?

MOTHERS ARE TEACHERS. Mothers have one of the most important jobs in the world. A mother’s job lays the foundation down for society. How mothers raise their kids plays a big influence on how society will function. A mothers job is to teach their children how to become independent functioning adults.

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