Genderqueer is like WTF

Recently I went to the doctor’s office and I had 7 choices of gender to choose from on the intake form. What happened to the good ol days when there were only two choices? Now there are 7 choices because we have to dance around people’s feelings because we can’t offend the mentally deranged man who wear ladies underwear or the shemale with two types of appendages.

Genderqueer was one of the 7 choices. What the fuck is genderqueer? Queer wasn’t bad enough so now it’s genderqueer? Queer actually wasn’t ever a gender choice- it just meant weird or homo. So now what on earth is genderqueer? A weird homo who doesn’t know what his/her gender is? So how do you know if you’re even a homo if you can’t decide what gender you belong to?

Some days I feel like a slug. A human slug. I don’t feel male or female. I just feel like a slug. So how come there’s no option for me on an intake form to check off the slug option? Does identifying and feeling like a slug to my inner core make me genderqueer? Or does it make me non-binary? Or is this just what the beastie boys would call intergalactic planetary?