Fuck Kids–The Elderly Are The Ones Worth Saving

Every person who has one of those baby on board stickers on their car needs punched in the face.  You think your baby is more important than everyone else and deserves some special treatment? Like we all need to be extra careful around your car because you have a fucking baby? Nope, I don’t think so. All your baby has is a degree in crying and being a pain in everybody’s ass. If there’s an age group of people who deserves our respect it’s the elderly. These people are the golden ones. These are the people with the experience, wisdom, and knowledge that humanity needs. Not some fucking screaming ass baby. What does society do? Society glorifies the worthless baby and shoves the elderly out of sight. Society looks at the elderly like some used up trash, hoping for them to hurry up and croak so they can consume their possessions. As long as we keep this perspective of promoting babies and trashing the elderly, human beings will never be nothing more than an animal. At the moment we are focused on saving the young, not the old. If we switch our focus to saving the old, learning from them, and increasing the human life expectancy, then human beings have a chance at becoming something more.

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