Women With Breast Implants Got Them To Impress (And Have Sex With More) Men, Because Big Bazookas Are a Male Fantasy, Not a Female Fantasy

Last time I checked, big bazookas were a fantasy of men, not women. So if you claim you got your breast implants for yourself and no one else, you’re a liar, plain and simple. You got implants because you wanted as many men as possible to take notice and approach you for sex.

You didn’t go under the knife to get balloons inserted in your chest and be bedridden for weeks so that you could jiggle them with your own hands and admire them quietly in the privacy of your own home. You also didn’t get them for the viewing pleasure of your mom, sister, grandma, female coworkers, or other women you meet on the street.

No you don’t give a fuck about yourself or other women. You fucking got them so men could ogle them and make overtures to you for sex. Your end goal was to impress men and ensnare them into giving you more dick.

So save the declarations about you having gotten them just to feel good about yourself. If you really wanted to feel good about yourself, you’d have gotten an anal cleanse that no one could see, not silicone protruding inserts in your chest.

The only feel good that came out of your implants is the multiple dicks you now get to stick in your vadge because most men are so stupid that they instantly lose their minds and want to fuck anything that has tits that look like balloons that are about to burst. Hell, most men would even fuck a tranny with a dick as long as it also had a set of big knockers.

Basically, what it boils down to is that if you have breast implants, you’re a dumb bitch who is thirsty for dick and you ain’t nothin but a hoe.

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