We Need More Child-Free Restaurants

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to go out to eat at a restaurant and not hear any kids in the background? I’m sure I’m not alone in my thinking here. Nobody wants to see your annoying ass uncivilized mini me’s running around the restaurant nor hear their ear piercing voices. I applaud those few parents who teach their kids manners and to behave like a civilized human being. Sadly, this is becoming more rare everyday. Soon, the odds of seeing a dinosaur walking around in a tutu will be higher than seeing a well behaved kid. In a society where it has become socially acceptable for kids to scream in public due to the fact that if you show any discomfort in the screaming monster you will be harassed and shamed, we need designated places to dine free from these savages. Those of us responsible enough with our bodies to stay child-free don’t want nor should have to endure other people’s mannerless kids when we go out to eat. Hell, even people with kids who go through the trouble of getting a babysitter so they can have a peaceful kidless dinner don’t want to hear somebody else’s monster screaming. Down with child-free dining? You can show your support for child-free dining by signing our petition.

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