Women: I’m Not Convinced You Don’t Need A Man

Women, your stupidity isn’t entirely your fault. Society wants you to keep your role as “stupid”  and condition you to be stupid by creating a gynocentric system—a system catering to women, aka, our legal system. Our gynocentric systems tells women that they are entitled to certain things (clear throat) money, and society encourages and expects […]

You Can’t Argue With Some People Because They Just Don’t Understand–The Only Solution Is To Punch Them In The Face

The world is going to the dogs. The majority of people are now narcissistic, disordered, reckless, ignorant, selfish, immoral, shameless, and sociopathic. Arguably people have had all these shortcomings since the beginning of mankind, but now civility and public decorum have gone out the window. It’s every man for himself and to hell with everyone […]