Women: Your Vagina Holds The Power To The World

Evidently the pay gap between men and women exist! Get this—the pay gap isn’t based on whether you’re a man or woman but rather based on your masculine/feminine behavior. Instead of admitting that men get paid more than women for the same job, we’ll just attack the feminine character and blame it on that. Way to tip toe around the truth. Good job! 

One of the masculine characteristics is assertiveness. Men are more assertive than women and this rewards them with the bigger bucks. Instead of paying people more for the quality of their work, we’ll pay people more for being a bigger asshole. We create our society, and we are creating a society who values masculine characteristics—a society by and large that will become even more of a dog eat dog world. 

Feminine and masculine characteristics are created by society.  Don’t worry, men, women will catch on to the masculine behavior—their livelihood depends on it. Women have something a man doesn’t—a vagina. A vagina is something most men desperately want. Also, having a vagina means that you have control over whether or not to create progeny—another thing men rely on you for. Women, your vagina is your secret weapon to aid you in a successful life. It makes you the most powerful of the sexes. But in order for the vagina to be powerful, it must be used wisely and with caution. In other words—don’t be a hoe. If you’re freely giving out that vagina, it becomes cheap and not worth anything. So women, grab those masculine qualities and treat that vagina like gold, then you’ll be off to conquering the world.

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