Gender Pronouns: The New Offensive Fad–You Can Call Me “It”

The new way to offend someone is to identify them by the wrong gender pronoun. Last time I checked, the 3rd person singular pronouns were “he”, “she”, “it” and the 3rd person plural pronoun was “they” although “they” can also be used as a singular in some cases. Don’t worry, now there are a bunch a made-up gender neutral pronouns too, thanks to the new gender pronoun fad. You’re doomed to failure. The gender pronoun police squad has the 3rd person singular pronouns “he”, “she”, and their adopted “they” plus all their made-up pronouns–where did “it” go? What is so offensive about the word “it” that they had to get rid of “it” and replace it with the adopted “they” from the plural?

To me, this pronoun battle seems like a control issue. I don’t think it’s really about the pronouns as it is about a way to get the upper hand on toxic masculinity that has dominated our society since forever. All this gender pronoun confusion is doing is switching roles. It’s changing the toxic role to anyone who identifies as masculine or feminine instead of non-binary. If we want to unite, we need one pronoun (instead of a gazillion) that refers to all human beings because that’s what we are is a human being.

I still don’t get what’s wrong with “it” and why it’s being excluded from the gender pronouns? Do we as human beings think that we are so above the pronoun “it”? Like “it” is the ultimate offensive word. Well, you can call me “it”. I will proudly stand alone with my pronoun that separates me from being associated as a parasitic human being, as all are.

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