Women: I’m Not Convinced You Don’t Need A Man

Women, your stupidity isn’t entirely your fault. Society wants you to keep your role as “stupid”  and condition you to be stupid by creating a gynocentric system—a system catering to women, aka, our legal system. Our gynocentric systems tells women that they are entitled to certain things (clear throat) money, and society encourages and expects women to behave this way. Women feel more empowered. Men feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. In reality, men win. Men like being the ones in power, and a gynocentric system keeps women (in check) in a state of needing men—financially. It’s clever, really.

Women, you want to be independent? Receiving child support, alimony, and/or divorce settlement where you benefited financially isn’t being independent. Sorry. Being independent is making your own money and paying your own way without any outside help, including welfare. Women have it harder than men when it comes to having higher paid jobs that’s needed to live comfortably in our society. I know it’s not fair, but that’s the way it is right now. If women want to become independent, then rebel against the gynocentric system by not accepting their charities and falling into their trap of an entitled mindset. Go to college and become a professional. Knowledge is your friend. For god’s sake, don’t have babies. Don’t get married either.

Another aspect of women showing their need for men is with their self-worth. Women have been conditioned that their value is based on their looks. Women, you are so much more than a sexual object. You are an intellectual being who is being suppressed by a view that focuses on animalistic behaviors. Women, you don’t need to be validated by men in order to have self-worth. This will only hold you back and keep you in need of men.  

It’s not about being a feminist—fuck feminism. It’s about being a respectable decent adult. It’s about taking responsibility for yourself and becoming self-sufficient. Until women can prove with their actions that they don’t need a man sexually or financially, women will continue to be a man’s bitch.

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